Energy Procurement

EDR understands the procurement practices of utilities worldwide and can help you use them to your advantage. But we do more than that. With knowledge of the relationships between the different types of utilities (like fuel oil, electricity, wind, natural gas and more), we can scout ways to capitalize on energy structures that will bring value to your bottom line. 

For example, EDR knows the mechanics of molding your energy portfolio to make optimum use of rates scales and how best to bundle your loads when available structures allow. These things are key attributes of our energy analysis. 

Our experts are here to augment your strengths. We can provide data and background information and allow you to handle the procurement process internally or we can manage the process for you all the way through the negotiations. We will always lay out all of the options we have explored for you. We’ll also explain the positives and negatives for each strategy so you can make an informed decision.