With relationships worldwide, we pride ourselves in speaking the local language and dialect. All of our reporting systems track the necessary data in the language and measurement system of the region that it is obtained. We provide you with translation service in both vocal and written mediums to assist in the full procurement and management cycle.

Our language experts are leaders in their field and can translate all conversations, documents and utility information. This ensures all of your staff, worldwide, can always feel comfortable asking questions or reviewing data in their native language.


“Recently, we were presenting to clients of our own in Asia via a web-conference. After finding out late a few people joining the presentation would only be able to speak limited English, we called EDR for ideas on making our energy presentation easy to understand. Little did we know, EDR worked with a Mandarin professor to translate the entire presentation for our audience. We showed the presentation in both languages side-by-side. Plus, the professor sat in on the call to help translate. Our clients left the meeting grateful we could accommodate their needs. And we left grateful to EDR for their outstanding customer service.”

– A trusted EDR client