Creating a professional and informative presentation can be difficult when the topic is as complex as energy consumption and use. Luckily, EDR can help you put together a presentation for the Board of Directors, government compliance officers and more. We will create a customized presentation with all of the data you need to share energy information in a concise, easy-to-understand way. 

Presentation Elements
EDR can take your data and transform it from plain numbers to interesting graphics. These images can include graphs, charts, even a representation of the trees you company has spared. Displays like this will keep your audience engaged while you highlight your key
energy points.

We can also provide general energy facts and figures to help save time on research. General statistics allow you to add perspective to your presentation. We monitor several industries to keep in touch with trends and important information.

PowerPoint Templates
If you’re using PowerPoint as your presentation tool, EDR can help you create a custom template for your presentation. This allows you to make your PowerPoints unique while still retaining your organization’s look and feel. Custom templates include a cover slide, internal slides and a break slide if needed.