Weather Patterns & Energy Consumption

Energy consumption and costs are largely impacted by the weather. By reviewing past weather patterns and meteorological data, you can establish a benchmark for your organizations energy needs month-to-month.  Be sure you fully track bills by evaluating the number of days in a billing cycle, the temperature recorded, and the cost per unit of energy used.

As governments around the world continue to push for energy optimization, it’s only becoming more important to be aware of your organization’s consumption. 

Keep in mind when the weather gets more extreme (hot or cold), your energy systems have to work harder to keep the inside temperature within the desired range. Not only is your equipment working longer and harder, but so is everyone’s in your area. This will cause the cost of energy to rise as the demand picks up.

Luckily, EDR can offer advice on streamlining your energy use. We can also help provide account analysis and give custom solutions so that you can make your energy dollars stretch.  Contact us with any questions.

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