EDR Support delivers the resources you need to achieve long-term success. And of course, it’s complimentary. We strive to go beyond the status-quo to ensure your organization’s success. We even have language experts on staff to provide translation services free-of-charge to our clients.

Our language experts are available to assist in the translation of all conversations, documents and utility information. So all of your staff, worldwide, can always feel comfortable asking questions or reviewing data in their native language.

But EDR provides more than just translation services. We offer:

  • On-Site Consulting
  • Presentation Creation & Review
  • And more!

At EDR, we can develop custom solutions for all of our clients. In other words, as your needs change or grow, we adapt and create services to fit those needs! We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. If you’re curious about a implementing a new service, just ask! We’re happy to explore all of our clients’, and prospective clients’, suggestions.