EDR’s team of skilled professionals brings industry experience in numerous energy-related fields. Whether you need an expert on natural gas, electricity, water/sewer, waste management or a number of other areas, EDR has the knowledge to help you meet your goals.

The EDR team averages 12 years of energy experience and we bring all of that expertise to your portfolio.

We have:

  • Data management personnel with extensive accounting backgrounds so they understand your organization’s demands.
  • A procurement team specializing in natural gas, propane, fuel oils, electricity, back-up energy systems, water, sewer, and a wide area of waste issues.
  • The ability to make knowledgable infrastructure improvements. This understanding is coupled with the willingness and skills to assist your in-house staff or completely manage the most complex projects.
  • A full understanding of the worldwide rules for compliance and monthly documentation for all of the areas you will need for reporting.

In short, EDR is a company with proven experience and the knowledge to help you and your company reach your energy goals. If you’d like to learn more about EDR’s areas of expertise, please contact us. We’d be happy to share more detailed information.