Energy Data Resources [EDR] strives to bring value to our clients by augmenting their strengths with our customizable products. From small privately held companies to multi-national corporations, our partners know that EDR is built on responsive customer relationships. [Learn More]


EDR offers an array of products to help you manage your energy usage. Most notably is the Energy Reporting System. It’s a secure, easy-to-access web-based program that can be interfaced with your internal accounting and environmental systems. This enables compliance reporting worldwide. [Learn More]


EDR’s team of skilled professionals brings industry experience in numerous energy-related fields. Whether you need an expert on natural gas, electricity, water/sewer, waste management or a number of other areas, EDR has the knowledge to help you meet your goals. Plus, we can help you remain compliant with government regulations. [Read More]


EDR Support delivers the resources you need to achieve long-term success. And of course, it’s complimentary. We strive to go beyond the status-quo to ensure your organization’s success. We even have language experts on staff to provide translation services free-of-charge to our clients. It’s just one of many services you can expect from EDR.
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EDR Insights

Weather Patterns & Energy Consumption

Energy consumption and costs are largely impacted by the weather. By reviewing past weather patterns and meteorological data, you can establish a benchmark for your organizations energy needs month-to-month. [Read More]

Featured Products

Energy Conservation Projects

EDR can help you evaluate your energy usage and create successful energy conservation projects.

Energy Reporting System

It’s a secure, easy-to-access web-based program that enables compliance reporting worldwide.


“Your group’s responsiveness to our requests has been outstanding and the level of individualized attention to our needs makes all the difference. The beauty of your system is that it provides a unique solution for us and it is not just a one size fits all package. I express my gratitude to you and your team for your continued efforts and for making the process and the system easy for us to use.”  

The above is a recent client comment. EDR worked with them to tailor their reports to address a specific need of their organization. Contact us to learn more about EDR and how we can help you to address your organization’s energy needs.